Planning your Marathon Training

Every successful marathon training starts with choosing the correct training intensity.
Heart Rate based Training Intensities
Using heart rate to determine correct training intensitites
Training Intensities the Scientific Way
Blood lactate threshold training: based on a presentation by Mike McIvor

Nutrition for Optimum Marathon Performance

Nutrition for marathon runners: a presentation by Kate Burrage


Biomechanics is the art of running more efficient: based on presentations by Aaron Case

Types of Workouts

Hill Training
Hill training is intended to develop muscle strength
Tempo Run
Tempo Runs are intended to develop strength and get the body used to high training intensities
Speed Training
Speed training is intended to develop leg turnover and lactate tolerance


How far can you push an athlete's training before a breakdown occurs?

Cross Training

Diversify your training by incorporating different types of workout

Race Psychology

A marathon runners mindset

Race Day

Race Day Preparation
How to prepare for race day
BMO Vancouver Marathon
Tips on how to run the BMO Vancouver Marathon


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